<strong>EPICURtalk [VIDEO]: Teaching and Learning under the Conditions of Digitization and Digitality”</strong>

Beyond replacing books and papers with computers, the process of digitalization has created a new culture of digitality which deeply affects the way teaching and learning is organized and structured. In his talk, David Lohner will address the outcomes and experiences of the L2D2-Project that is connecting five universities in Germany, holding a digital joint inter-university seminar on the subject of “Teaching and Learning under the Conditions of Digitization and Digitality”.

The seminar is built around the four key competences of learning in the twenty-first century: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. The group of lecturers, which met through Twitter based their seminar on two major questions: What does the culture of digitality mean for students and educators? What defines quality teaching under the condition of digitalization and digitality? Offering an opportunity for both students and educators to learn and grow professionally, David Lohner shared some of the key lessons of his award-winning seminar at our last EPICUR Talk.

More info about L2D2: https://l2d2.de/