EPICUR is open to everyone, including teacher! The alliance is facilitating community participation and enhancing institutional engagement through participatory governance. EPICUR offers new types of mobility and skills training for teacher. 

Be a staff member within EPICUR

As an EPICUR staff member, whether you are working with students or in the administrative field, you will:

  • experience new challenging opportunities which will represent a stepping-stone for your career
  • discover new paths of mobility

Be EPICURious and find out how to participate and add value to your career by joining the EPICUR journey/experience!

A staff mobility program

EPICUR’s main objective is to offer to at least 50% of its staff members mobility in all forms.

As for our students, we are developping new ways of teaching and new types of mobility (physical, virtual and even blended!). It will soon be made possible for our staff members to experience mobility in different formats if they wish to.

Be a part of the alliance

The EPICUR alliance is deeply rooted on a student and staff centred approach.
As a staff member, you would be able to participate in the co-creation of one of the first European Universities notably through the Staff Board. This board will allow our staff members to discuss about their demands and the ideas they want to see implemented within our alliance.


EPICUR Centre for International Teaching and Learning

The EPICUR Centre for International Teaching and Learning hosts a vibrant international community of university teaching (support) staff, providing opportunities for exchange, professional growth and a dynamic pool of resources. 

Be part of our Community of Practice in Teaching & Learning!

Who can I contact?

If you want more information about our offer or how to be involved in the alliance, please fill our dedicated form and we will come back to you as quickly as possible.