Tandem is a language-learning method which enables two individuals with different mother tongues to communicate and learn each other’s language

This method, which is free of charge, is based on two broad principles: independent learning and reciprocity. Each learner is responsible for their own and their linguistic partner’s learning process. They both define their requirements, set their objectives, and decide on their working methodology, while contributing their know-how and linguistic expertise in their mother tongue.

This interactive map presents the tandem language learning programmes in each EPICUR university.

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On 14th January 2021, NovaTris, the Centre for cross-border skills of the Université de Haute-Alsace (ANR-11-IDFI-0005), presented the final results of its survey on tandem language learning programmes within the EPICUR alliance to the Work Package 2 “Fostering Multilinguism & Inclusive Governance” experts.

This survey conducted in summer 2020 throughout the 8 EPICUR universities is part of the NovaTris activities for the development of tandem tutoring within EPICUR. In autumn 2021, NovaTris will organise training of trainers for tandem tutoring workshops for the 8 universities of the alliance. The survey’s results will allow NovaTris to design workshops fitted to the needs and specificities of the tandem programmes identified.