The EPICUR Early Career Researchers Board is composed of ECRs representatives from each EPICUR partner university and have a consulting role in the EPICUR Alliance. The ECR-board members meet regularly to bring in new ideas in open-minded discussions and discuss critical points and therefore contribute to the work of Work Packages (WP). They are active in the conception, the review and decision-making processes for the pilot activities of EPICUR-Research.

The main missions are to:

  • Provide constructive input and feedback to the EPICUR-Research team on planned and already implemented project activities
  • Participate in the dissemination of the project on a local and regional level
  • Represent the interests of Early Career Researchers from the EPICUR universities

Within the EPICUR alliance, they form a quality network and strengthen links on a personal and professional level, thus achieving greater cohesion and understanding, regardless of borders.

Current members

Eleni Giakoumi

Juliana Souza-Kasprzyk

Jean-Baptiste Courbot

Rune Hejli Lomhlot

Teba Gil Diaz

Dimitrios Papadopoulos

Michalina Krakowiak

Ana Belen Amado Rey

Former members

Laura Maria Comella

Dr. Jamerson Carneiro de Oliveira

Ivo Strauss

Audrey Scognamiglio

Franziska Roenicke

Apostolos Kritikos

Sladjana Djordjevic

Daniela Lehner

Julia Gurol

Lola Welsch

Dr. Beniamin Kłaniecki