EPICUR aims at creating impact for society by empowering our regions, cities, society and citizens via connection, collaboration and a symbiotic system of exchange between all stakeholders and ecosystems.

Connecting ecosystems

EPICUR aims to strengthen and connect European regions, their stakeholders, their entrepreneurial ecosystems and regional networks. As a unique and valuable resource for knowledge and innovation, we bring together students, educators, researchers, mentors, investors, leaders, and experts from industry, civil society and non-governmental organisations.
We foster intercultural diversity and collaboration between academia and civil society as well as between academia and businesses. Through intertwining interregional collaboration with entrepreneurial thinking, we develop manifold activities that support two key missions of universities: innovation and interaction with society.

We achieve that interaction, in part, through developing and implementing activities and tasks in the fields of lifelong learning, citizen science, and employability and entrepreneurship. These activities give EPICUR the opportunity to provide upskilling and reskilling to all who need it.

A boundless landscape

In line with our vision of becoming a European University, strongly anchored in its regions, we are currently developing a platform that helps stakeholders from inside and outside EPICUR universities to find the right contacts and relevant information with no effort. The EPICUR map provide structured and user-oriented data and information on the following fields:
activities, events and projects with and for the society offered by different university networks from all our regions
innovation and entrepreneurship support programmes, events and institutions.
This tool will be open to all and help anyone to search for contacts for (inter)regional collaboration.

If you have ideas how to contribute and improve the EPICURmaps or want to be part of it, please contact us via an email to nora.korp@boku.ac.at