In order to enhance and improve the alliance’s impact, EPICUR is creating links with the higher education system and private sector in Europe through associated partners

EPICUR Associated Partners are organisations that: 

  • Contribute to the implementation of specific tasks/activities 
  • And/or support the dissemination and sustainability of the EPICUR alliance results. 

EPICUR’s current associated partners are the following one: 

Letter of intent

All six associated partners have signed a Letter of Intent underligning their willingness to form a meta network around EPICUR and to engage in bilateral partnership agreements with EPICUR. The bilateral partnership agreements will define the concrete workplan and conditions and are currently being established. 

EPICUR associate partners are indicated in the EPICUR-SHAPE-IT grant agreement in the list of participants, however they are not party to this agreement, nor do they receive any funding from the grant.These organisations must be able to contribute to the development of specific topics that the Alliance is working on at a global level. EPICUR will consult the associated partners for advice on the project implementation and its challenges.  The integration of expertise will help us to overcome identified obstacles and will enable us to benefit from valuable feedback on governance, strategic issues and work package decisions.