The EPICUR European University offers you a free international experience that can easily be combined with your studies. You can choose virtual, physical, or hybrid education.

Are you interested in gaining a European learning experience and enriching your academic journey?

EPICUR offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art teaching and learning formats. EPICUR courses deal with multilingualism, tackle real-world problems and include interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives.

Whether you’re interested in sciences, arts, entrepreneurship, learning rare languages or training in artificial intelligence and sustainable development, the EPICUR course catalogue has it all.

As a student of the EPICUR alliance, you now have access to academic programmes and a wide range of courses from 9 other European universities to integrate into your curriculum.

EPICUR supports you throughout your whole university career

EPICUR promotes your individual learning experience by offering you different types of mobility, courses bearing ECTS credits, multilingual teaching, innovative research, but also through cultural openness and diversity, a sense of community and financial support.

EPICUR offers the following mobility opportunities

  • Distance learning courses over a few days or several weeks
  • On-site training in the summer and throughout the academic year
  • Hybrid courses which are taught simultaneously on site and online
  • Blended courses, where all students physically meet at one University campus, in combination with a distance learning course phase online, like for the EPIC Missions

This type of mobility enables a large number of students to broaden their horizons and gain the opportunity to explore other courses in Europe during their time at their respective universities. These courses, which are easier to access than exchange programmes, can be taken every year and can also serve as preparation for a future departure under the Erasmus programme.

To access the resources remotely, EPICUR has developed a virtual inter-university campus where students can log on using their university logins they use every day to register, follow courses and take their exams.

How is it like to follow an EPICUR course?

(Application period open 11th March – 08th April)

Please note that EPICUR now also offers physical on Campus courses that require your physical presence in class. Please check in the course catalogue the mode of delivery of the course (physical on campus, virtual, hybrid or blended).