EPICUR is open to everyone, including staff! The alliance is facilitating community participation and enhancing institutional engagement through participatory governance. EPICUR offers new types of mobility and skills training for staff. 

Be a staff member within EPICUR

As an EPICUR staff member, whether you are working with students or in the administrative field, you will:

  • experience new challenging opportunities which will represent a stepping-stone for your career
  • discover new paths of mobility

Be EPICURious and find out how to participate and add value to your career by joining the EPICUR experience!

Staff mobility programs

EPICUR’s main objective is to offer to at least 50% of its staff members mobility in all forms. 
As for our students, we are developing new ways of teaching and new types of mobility (physical, virtual and even blended!).  
If you are interested to experience mobility as a staff member, you can participate to different pathways:

  • Job shadowing, a self-organized stay to familiarize yourself with your work area at a partner university
  • EPICUR on Tour for staff, a series of EPICUR Staff weeks hosted by different EPICUR partners 
  • Communities of practice and peer learning  
  • EPICUR Forum, a yearly event to bring together and engage staff, students, teachers and researchers from the EPICUR universities in a passionate exchange on current topics related to the Alliance’s activities.

In addition, you can get financial support from Erasmus + for Staff Training opportunities in Higher education. Contact the international or Erasmus+ office of your higher education institution to find out if these opportunities are available.

Be a part of the project

The EPICUR project is deeply rooted on a student and staff centred approach. We wish to facilitate community participation and enhance institutional engagement through participatory governance and communication activities throughout all faculties, departments and professional units. 

We are currently working to the creation of an EPICUR Staff Council. 

If you have some ideas about how we could further integrate staff members to the EPICUR governance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who can I contact?

If you want more information about our offer or how to be involved in the project, please be fill the dedicated form and we will come back to you as quickly as possible.