EPICUR is dedicated to innovation and collaboration. By bringing together local stakeholders and implementing new ways of learning, EPICUR aims to create dynamic regions that address the challenges faced by society. 

Be involved in the project

EPICUR is based on what we call a knowledge square: Education, Research, Business and Society. We want to be considered as important actors of our regions being able to answer to the challenges and goals of our society.
Our local stakeholders are really important to the EPICUR community and are an immense added value to our alliance.
As an alliance of universities, we will establish strong partnerships with keeping in mind the idea of sharing and having a great trust in each other.
If you are interested by our project or if you have any question about our activities, please contact us.

The impact of EPICUR in a region

We are dedicated to innovation and tackling the challenges we face in our society.
EPICUR will bring local actors together. We will implement new ways of learning in our universities which will give their regions more attractiveness. We hope to bring dynamism within our regions.

Who can I contact?

If you want more information about our offer or how to be involved in the project, please fill the dedicated form and we will come back to you as quickly as possible.