Did you know? You are an EPICUR Student! 

By studying at one of our 9 partner universities, you automatically have access to all EPICUR learning offerings, events & activities. With us, you will be able to follow in-person and virtual courses on many different topics, within the 9 universities of the Alliance. Beyond giving useful and valuable competences, the EPICUR experience offers a great open-mindedness opportunity through intercultural exchanges.  

Are you interested in taking courses at one of our 9 partner universities? Here is what we offer to you: 

  • Have full access to all nine partner universities (physical, virtual or blended mobility) including innovative & interdisciplinary courses (e.g. on Climate change), language enabler classes or summer schools 
  • experience new approaches in terms of multilingualism 
  • use platform for academic and social exchange with peers from all over Europe 
  • acquire more intercultural competences throughout Europe 

To go deeper

EPICUR does not only offer to take part in EPICUR courses, but also in providing Student perspectives. Have your say on EPICUR’s strategical development, defend the student’s voices along with students of all 9 partner universities. 

The Student Board: 

    • Is represented in all EPICUR meetings on strategical and operational level 
    • Has voting rights in EPICUR’s thematical committees 
    • Organizes events with local/European student organizations 
    • Meets physically at least 2x a year (travel expenses taken over by the EPICUR alliance) 
    • Sets up own initiatives, workshops and expert meetings to provide even better feedback 

For more informations about the Student Board, check our governance page.

Interested? Contact our Student Board

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