You will find here EPICUR’s policy papers:

EPICUR European Model Language Policy

Language is key in all core business universities undertake: it is the means to deliver our teaching, research, enable innovation and interact with society. And yet, not all universities have a language policy in place, neither do new collaborative structures like European Universities alliances. Therefore, the main aim of the EPICUR Model Language Policy is to provide a model framework for language governance for European Higher Education Institutions and European Universities alliances to inspire and support all institutions interested in developing a language policy. In doing so, EPICUR seeks to enhance the quality of teaching & learning and research, while preserving the use of national and regional European languages in an academic environment. Over and above these gains, EPICUR considers the Model Language Policy to be an enabler for innovation and inclusion: the better language governance and the use of languages are embedded into institutional structures, the more room will be created to further European multilingualism in higher education.

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