<strong>EPICUR meets the other 16 European Universities in Brussels</strong>

On 7 November, the European Commission held a high-level meeting with the selected European universities. This meeting took place for the first time in Brussels, to which the Ministers of Education of the member states were also invited. Hanna Kosonen, Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers and Finnish Minister of Science, officially presented the EU programme.

Michel Deneken, the President of Strasbourg University and chairman of EPICUR, underlined: “the importance of the involvement of students who must be the first users and ambassadors of our EPICUR Alliance”.

One campus: 270,000 students in six countries

Last June, EPICUR won the tender for the project “European Universities”, result of the European University initiative. Our alliance has the goal to establish a common educational space notably through the creation of a European digital campus with our 270,000 students in six different countries.

Collaboration focused on new teaching/learning formats

Our cooperation will be focused on new digital teaching formats and the expansion of student mobility.