<strong>The University of Southern Denmark – SDU. Get to know better our new alliance-member!</strong>

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) welcomed their first students in 1966 and has developed significantly ever since. SDU now holds 27.000 students, 5 faculties and just short of 4.000 employees. Several international rankings, place SDU in the top 300 of universities.
SDU has 5 campuses spread across the southern part of Denmark – which gives the university a broad geographical presence. SDU offers regional research-based education that adds value to students, employees, and their surroundings.

The university acknowledges that many challenges in society have become so complex that it is impossible for any single institution or company to deal with them alone, which is why SDU has a strong focus on cross-disciplinary approach where students, companies and researchers jointly engage in projects aimed at tackling the challenges of the future.

Sustainability is a key focal point and since 2019 SDU have strategically prioritised research and education in the field of sustainable development, exemplified by the UN’s 17 SDGs for sustainable development. SDU wants to contribute to the sustainable transformation of our societies through free, independent, and critical research and education.

A new initiative starting in 2022 is the SDU Climate Cluster which will consist of various interdisciplinary research consortia, centers and projects, research networks and diverse groups of world-class national and international researchers who will be working together on solving the climate challenges we face.