EPICUR Student Board: ready to shape it!
The Student Board members gathered in Thessaloniki for the last physical meeting of the EPICUR pilot phase (7-9 October). During three days, members of all 9 universities met to discuss the new EPICUR-SHAPE-IT project in a workshop on its new objectives and governance structure. The students asked precise questions about the governance structure and identified steps to make sure that the SB efficiently contributes to them. On this regard, the Student Board members decided to meet one month prior to the meetings of the future committees in order to prepare the most effective input.

The Student Board meeting in Thessaloniki

The meeting also welcomed a few new Student Board members and contained a short introduction round as well as a presentation of EPICUR’s results of the pilot phase. It was important to inform the new Student Board members about what EPICUR has achieved.

At the second day of the meetings, a new Executive Committee was elected. The Student Board elected are the following persons to assure the following positions:

  • Areti Kourti (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) as Chair;
  • Alicja Staszak (University of Amsterdam) as Vice-Chair;
  • Alexandra Hudson, University of Strasbourg as Secretary;
  • Marta Winkler (Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan) and
  • Liamine Mebrouk (University of Strasbourg) as Communication Officer.

The Executive Committee acts as the central go-to point for Student affairs on alliance level and prepare & chairs the Student Board meetings.

The new Executive Committee of the EPICUR Student Board

On top of the usual business, the Student Board enjoyed a walking tour through Thessaloniki and enjoyed one of the latest sunrays of the year for most of the participants, with 24 degrees and sun. The Student Board members enjoyed one of the most impressive views on the city of Thessaloniki:

Besides the workshop on the new project, the election of the Executive Committee as well as the “pleasure part” of visiting the city of Thessaloniki, the Student Board discussed and prepared a new handover document for the new Student Board members. The Student Board members also decided on the destination of the next physical meetings (Amsterdam & Poznan) and decided to organize a workshop on the vision of the Student Board for the upcoming years. The Student Board is more than determined to play an important role in the rollout phase and looks forward to make a substantial contribution in all EPICUR committees and decision-making bodies. The students are ready to shape EPICUR in the next years to come!

You can download the EPICUR Student Board Charter by clicking here.