EPICUR Annual Forum, 4th edition – University of Haute Alsace. 11 and 12 June 2024
This edition of the Forum will revolve around the theme: “Transformative Academic Teaching: Embracing Progressive Pedagogy in European Alliances” through engaging discussions, interactive workshops and enlightening keynotes.

This year, the EPICUR Forum opens its doors to the community of our universities. Staff from EPICUR universities will be welcome, in particular Professors, Pedagogical Engineers and Experts in the education field. Associated partners, regional stakeholders and other alliances’ members are also invited to participate in the Forum. Participants will have to pre-register with their institution to receive a formal invitation.


Presentation of the 5 workshops

Workshop 1 – Create your European Alliance course

Following an introduction to an online resource designed to support the development of Alliance courses, participants share and discuss their own ideas for Alliance courses. Participants will be invited to explore the online resource and identify possible take-aways.

Workshop 2 – Addressing societal challenges through research and challenge-based learning

Discover how to tackle real-world challenges through research and challenge-based learning. Gain insights and strategies to engage students in meaningful projects addressing societal issues, empowering them to drive positive change.

Workshop 3 – Developing and organizing the structure of a MOOC or a SPOC

Learn how to create impactful MOOCs or SPOCs! Get to know the most important features and objectives of this kind of course that has reshaped the world of education and gain insight into content structure, interactive design, and student engagement. Leave with actionable steps to kick-start your online course development.

Workshop 4 – Sharing resources and unlocking value: multilateral teaching and research networks within European Alliances

Participants will explore and discuss how learners, instructors, researchers, and university programs can benefit from sharing resources (e.g., courses, instructional talent, research facilities/capacity). Leave with a vision and concrete steps for internationalizing your teaching or program, as well as ideas for giving learners opportunities to complement their studies and enhance their international employment profile.

Workshop 5 – Approaches to ensuring the quality of your European Alliance educational offer

Discover and discuss how to maintain quality in European Alliance educational offer. Learn effective approaches to curriculum development, assessment and quality assurance. Leave with actionable strategies to ensure excellence in education.


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