EPIClusters: OPEN SCIENCE DAYS event in Strasbourg
From 1 to 3 July, Early Career Researchers from the EPICluster teams will present the results of their respective projects in Strasbourg. Addressing scientific and societal challenges, the topic of their research will be presented to the public in four Open Sessions, held in a hybrid format at the University of Strasbourg. Register now using the link below.

The EPICluster projects

  • Seeking a new language: Narratives on home, (forced) migration and identity of newcoming Ukrainian youth to European cities
  • CoCon Tomato: Co-Constructed early warning system against Tomato leafminer
  • EPICNutrients: a scientific cooperation framework among different disciplines targeting the process of developing a novel fertiliser from the raw waste material to a final application
  • Energy transition: A sustainable and just renewable energy transition for Europe

Learn more about the projects on the EPICluster dedicated page.