Winter School on “Digital Healthcare Entrepreneurship”
From 19th to 23rd February 2024, the Winter School on "Digital Healthcare Entrepreneurship" brought together 28 students from eight universities across EPICUR and Eucor.

What was it about?

This event was organized by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in collaboration with the Universities of Strasbourg and Basel. It focused on fostering innovative digital solutions to healthcare challenges, with students working in international and interdisciplinary teams.

The programme combined theoretical foundations with practical applications, covering entrepreneurship, business models, and the necessary legal frameworks for digital healthcare solutions. The curriculum was enriched with expert insights and case studies, illustrating the translation of research into viable business opportunities.

Highlights and outcomes

The culmination of the school was a pitch session where teams presented their solutions to a range of health issues, from mental health to dental hygiene. Each presentation detailed the problem, the digital solution developed, and the business model that would support its market launch.

Supported by EXIST funding, this winter school was a blend of education and hands-on experience, promoting practical engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration in the burgeoning field of digital healthcare. The event closed with an awards ceremony, where the winning team received KIT-branded coffee cups filled with sweets, celebrating their innovative approach to digital health challenges. This initiative highlighted the potential of digitalisation in enhancing healthcare services and provided a valuable learning experience for all participants.

Photos: Sascha Weimar, KIT

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