EPICUR indkaldelse af kursusforslag 2023/24: Info-session for undervisere

This information session aims to explain the concrete steps to propose a course, the selection process, feedback from teachers and students who have participated in these courses, and answer any questions you may have.

You can join the session by logging on to the EPICUR Campus or by finding the Zoom link here (Code: EPICUR2023)

For our 2023-2024 offerings, we particularly welcome course proposals that take an innovative approach to teaching by integrating multiple fields of study and fostering collaboration among students. Ideal courses for EPICUR help students acquire competencies to tackle real-world problems. Courses might engage students in:

  • hands-on, project- and challenge-based learning
  • developing the ability to communicate clearly across borders and cultures, and
  • acquiring transversal skills that can be applied across disciplines

With this call for course proposals, we invite instructors at the EPICUR partner institutions to propose courses by April 27th, 2023.