In der EPICUR-Phase werden neue Leitungsstrukturen nach dem Vorbild einer Universität eingeführt, um alle Interessengruppen unserer Mitgliedsuniversitäten zu integrieren und die Qualität zu sichern.

The main principles are:  

  • Agility, through lean decision-making processes and clear division of labour for strategic and operational decisions  
  • Inclusiveness, entrusting decision-making competences for all relevant stakeholders (students, academics and staff) to able to engage and provide significant input,  
  • Efficiency, with regular evaluations of implemented measures, tasks and management to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met  
  • Transparency, to ensure that decision process is clear and information is accessible to relevant stakeholders  
  • Consent, with efficient coordination processes to ensure that decision-making bodies agree by consent 

The EPICUR governance must live up to its ambition to foster and develop ever closer collaborations among its academics, students and administrative staff and become a full-fledged federation of universities offering them a truly European learning, training and researching experience. This ambition requires moving past a project-based management to achieve long-term structural transformation and strategic integration.



  • Providing constructive input and feedback to the EPICUR-Research team on planned and already implemented project activities
  • Participating in the dissemination of the project on a local and regional level
  • Representing the interests of Early Career Researchers from the EPICUR universities

Within the EPICUR alliance, they form a quality network and strengthen links on a personal and professional level, thus achieving greater cohesion and understanding, regardless of borders.

The Student Board

In early March 2023, the Student Board members were happy to meet in Amsterdam
In early March 2023, the Student Board members were happy to meet in Amsterdam


The EPICUR Student Board was created in March 2020. Since the pilot phase, the Student Board fulfill the following tasks: 

  • Take part in all working group meetings of the alliance incl. voting rights in thematical coomittees 
  • Liaise with students and enhance EPICUR’s student-to-student dissemination 
  • Provide feedback on EPICUR’s working documents and meetings 
  • Update its internal charter as according to their needs.  

Since November 2021, the Student Board has established its own Student Board Charter with clear voting procedures and its own Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of a Chair, a Deputy Chair, a Secretary and a Communication Officer. It should represent at least 3 universities and at least 2 genders.  

Regarding the selection process, each university decided on its own how to appoint the students given the heterogeneity of the universities’ structures. The selection modes vary between an appointment of central student organisation representatives, call for application or active remuneration of students as parts of the local Project Implementation Teams. Within EPICUR-SHAPE-IT, the EPICUR Steering Committee has accepted to provide voting rights to the Student Board in all thematical committees, which could significantly strengthen Student involvement and which could create room for Student focus group to provide input that is even more direct.  EPICUR welcomes and supports active student involvement and keeps reflecting and exploring ways to involve them even further in the activities of the EPICUR Alliance.  Furthermore, the Student Board meets 3x a year on-site to assure fruitful cooperation between them. 

Get involved!

If you are a student at one of the partner universities and want to be involved in the Student Board, or if you just want more information about the Student led activities, please feel free to contact us!